Total Radiance Whitening – Scam? Read Side Effects & Warning!

Total Radiance Whitening Pen Review:

To improve the brightness of our teeth we remain conscious and applied latest and expensive toothpaste to maintain the health of our teeth. But there are so many of us who are not satisfied by the health and brightness of our teeth and want to enhance the brightness more. Same thing happened with me I was get tired by trying so many toothpastes, but I was not get the satisfactory results from any because my teeth were still in yellow color. One day my friend told me to use the Total Radiance Whitening pen that was the tooth device that help me to improve the brightness of my teeth within the less time. I was suffering from the problem of tooth sensitivity by using the Total Radiance Whitening Pen in my routine. All the yellow and brown stains from my teeth went away and it help me to male my teeth bright and shiny within the less time. my all tooth sensitivity went away, and I got the pearl smile. The best thing about Total Radiance Whitening Pen is that is very handy and easy to use at home at multiple times.

Working of Total Radiance Whitening Pen:

Total Radiance Whitening Pen is coming with the teeth whitening gel pen that is very easy to smear in daily basis. This gel helps to provide you the bright teeth and make your smile pearly with just a single application because of its effective elements that might help you to remove and reduce the stubborn stains at your teeth. These elements comprise with Kosher Glycerin, Carbamide Peroxide, Carbomer, and Peppermint Oil that will help you to remove all the bacteria that might cause plaque and make your teeth bright and healthy. these effective elements could reduce all the stubborn stains from your teeth and help to make your gums stronger without delivering you any kind of pain. this device is very easy to use without making any trouble. It will help you to provide you the fresh fragrance of mint that will reduce the specific odor from your mouth and make you feel fresh.

Reasons of stain teeth and discoloration:

Firstly, your teeth were gleaming white, but by taking bad food conducts and not sufficient teeth maintenance might cause you the teeth stains and damage the shine of your teeth. Marked and stained teeth are mostly yellowish and brownish and make your smile ugly and bad. Following are three kinds of teeth stains that you need to know about:


This is known as the most common kind of teeth staining taht is might by the tooth coating being discolored. This enamel is the external layer of your tooth that defends your inner tooth from the germs and bacteria that might cause the tooth decline. The main causes of the mostly teeth stains counting with drinking lavender, beverages, and mostly coffee and by the cigarettes and eating tobacco frequently.


This kind of teeth staining might cause the dentin and make your teeth yellowish. You might get intrinsic tooth tints if you might be suffering from the internal bleeding of your tooth by the trauma. If you take the tetracycline antibiotics throughout your second half pregnancy than your teeth might be stained or intrinsic.


At this your dentin starts to get yellow over the time as you get elder though the enamel also started to get thin, by making the staining dentin more noticeable. Other motives of teeth stains comprise by getting tooth injuries that is especially true when your pulp has been scratched.

What you will get with the Total Radiance Whitening Pen?

Extreme Whitening Gel:

Expert teeth enhancing starts with the Extreme Whitening Gel that is available with this device. By delivering you the acute whitening outcomes in the limited time will deliver you the shiny, pearly teeth with the effective gel to deliver you the best results.

UV Accelerator:

It is available with the UV Accelerator that is used as the light that will help you to activate all the elements of Extreme Whitening Gel to deliver you the deep, powerful whitening teeth. It will help you to deliver you the fast and longtime results.

Teeth Tray:

It is the kind of art silicone duplex teeth trays that is very soft and supple to guarantee the best interaction. You just simply need to add gel into the tray to apply upon your teeth.

Ingredients of Total Radiance Whitening Pen:

There are the following main ingredients of this device:

  1. Peppermint Oil
  1. Carbomer Carbamide
  1. Kosher Glycerin
  2. Peroxide

Advantages of Total Radiance Whitening Pen:

You will surely get all of the following advantages by using this device in your daily routine:

  1. It will help you to make your teeth polish and make them brighten.
  2. It is available in the form of pen that is very easy and handy to use at your home.
  3. It will help you to reduce all the yellow and brown plaque from your teeth and help to deliver you the shiny and pearly smile.
  4. It will help you to reduce all eh pain from your teeth and reduce the sensitivity from your teeth.
  5. It will help you to deliver you the faster results within the limited time.
  6. It will help you to provide you the fresh mint fragrance that remain throughout your day.

Side effects of Total Radiance Whitening Pen:

There are no side effects of this device as the ingredients that are added in this supplement are medically and clinically approved by the doctors and they confirmed that you will never get any kind of bad side effects from this device.

Where to buy?

You can easily buy this device from its online brand’s website. It is currently offered with the free trial offer for about limited days. if you did not get satisfied by the results of this supplement that you can claim your trail offer and can get back your money back.


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