Now I can take care of the skin?

I love taking care of my skin, to me is something else when I decide to moisturize and make everything right, first to take care of my skin I’m always washing with facial soap, then I spend an exfoliator and a cream to moisturize, in makeup, I try using more reliable products with higher quality, such as cosmetics makeme, avon .. I’ve been using lately very makeme cosmetics and am loving the brand is new, I decided to try and I’m addicted !!! MUST
Enjoy it while it is still new (a).
Cleanse, tone and moisturise EVERY day! Mainly in the morning and before bed.
And do not forget the sunscreen.
Look soaps for oily skin and acne, moisturizers for oily skin, sunscreen for oily skin.
Anyway, it all away your skin type.
Sleep at least 8 hours every day (very important).
And one of the most important things: water
2 to 3 liters per day is good.
If you follow this advice you will see incredible results!
good luck

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