How to take care of facial skin at home?

If your skin is dry: In the morning: Who has dry skin need to get away from hot water as the heat dries the skin further favoring premature aging. Then in the morning you prefer warm or cold water to wash your face, then use a special soap for your skin and a moisturizing tonic whose formula is alcohol free (yes, alcohol dries the skin) and as suavilize the skin with a facial moisturizer contains sunscreen. during the day: Hydrate the daytime with Thernal water containing nutrients necessary for dry skin. Hydration water-based creams is also an option, since it facilitates the application and lets the skin breathe. And of course sunscreen, since dry skin with premature aging.Before bed: Now is the time to nourish and moisturize your skin. After using milk or cleansing gel, apply a generous layer of nourishing cream to oil-based across the face and specific to the eye area, as dry skin on with dark circles facilitating the appearance of wrinkles and expression marks. if it is oily do the same process but use products for oily skin Exfoliate once a week to remove the layer of fat, use soaps salicylic acid, astringent, protective and moisturizing with no oil (oil free). Time to do her makeup, choose a net basis.

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