How to properly care for the skin?

TIPS FOR SKIN CARE OILY Oily skin has olesiodade and excessive brightness. The oil and sebum produced by the sebaceous glands make too arise unwanted blackheads and pimples on the face. So, oily skin needs some special care: ■ In the morning and evening wash the face with soap gel. It removes the oil. ■ Wash your face with cold water. ■ After washing your face, apply an astringent lotion. It cleans, tightens pores and takes care of the oil. ■ Never use creamy products or containing oil. They block and close the pores. ■ Always use cosmetic products with gel texture. ■ Once a week make a scrub on your face. ■ Once a week make clay mask, strawberry and / or cucumber on her face. Learn how to make exfoliation home! Remember: ■ Do not wash your face more than three times a day. To take other facial oils, the skin becomes dry, the glands get confused and start to produce even more oil. ■ Use only sunscreen gel on her face.

I love taking care of my skin, to me is something else when I decide to moisturize and make everything right, first to take care of my skin I’m always washing with facial soap, then I spend an exfoliator and a cream to moisturize, in makeup, I try using more reliable products with higher quality, such as cosmetics makeme, avon .. I’ve been using lately very makeme cosmetics and am loving the brand is new, I decided to try and I’m addicted !!!

Hello, even after adolescence I continued to have pimples, greatly improved after I started to use the aseptic products, the soap is very good and has the compact that helps muiiitooo in oil, if you choose the powder in the tone of your skin or the to see that you are using. Another thing the doctors told me to do and vastly improved is to skin the pillow, sleep, the next day to turn the pillow, sleep and the next day to skin, do this forever; also seen enough results because bacteria help a lot to give more pimples. If you do not want to spend the compact asepsis during the day it can also be used for sleeping, I use during the day and sleep well. Costs about 30.00 and well worth it, you will find in any pharmacy. Good luck.

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