welcome to the world of Makes !!! to have one with a legal result is essential skin care !!! Some tips that will give true for any type of skin: Use and abuse of soapy water !! wash your face and aproitavando massaging your skin !! At least 1 time per week Make an exfoliation (you can use a facial Hidratente with brown sugar …) but remember to exfoliate the skin and do not think this q grating cheese !! ! lol Use Hydrating Facial, many people use body moisturizer to pass on his face .. hey if there moisturizer for face and moisturizer for the body is because each has its particularity right? If so, ñ exist difference between liquid soap and shampoo. .. Always, independent living sun or rain, cold or hot even to work Use Sunscreen !! or a facial moisturizer that has sunscreen … it is essential for him .. our can run out exfoliate the skin without hydrating the skin but without solar..NÃO filter !! Never sleep with makeup !! as base powder etc etc cap the pores of your face avoiding q breathe and that’s not cool Wash with soap and water and Finish with makeup remover (I like avon) or biphasic Cosmetic Removers …. Anyway on my list contains: Hydrating Face Protector solar Brown Sugar with Honey or Hydrating Water and Soap.

wash your face with sabonete.Passe milk colony or rosas.é cheapie milk, and you will see the dirt that will leave your skin the first time q you passar.passe moisturizer to leave home because with this friosinho, the skin gets all ressecada.naum need to be expensive products naum.

do todoss day in the morning I wash my face with beeeem Shampoo Johnson’s and Johnson’s yellow step facial sunscreen afternoon, wash again, step moisturizer (Avon) rs night, makeup remover step (Avon) , wash with’s Johnson and Johnson’s again, and clean step (Avon) to exfoliate (twice a week)

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