Caring for the summer pro skin?

* Book 40 minutes of your day to take a little sun (without forgetting the sunscreen). The cumulative effect of this exposure will accelerate your tan on the beach.
* Fill your plate with foods rich in beta-carotene (yellow vegetables and fruits, orange, red and dark green). This orange substance is deposited on the skin leaving the deeper bronze and gold.
* Exfoliate your body once a week New get rid of dead cells. . So the skin will react better to the action of moisturizing and gain a more uniform color TWO WEEKS BEFORE . * Stop using acids for acne or stretch marks because they irritate the skin and can leave stains * Stop laser hair removal – it also . can leave blotchy skin * Operation hydrate: buy a moisturizer megapotente and pass on the entire body (not forgetting the knees, heels and ankles) every day after bathing. Moisturize from the inside out is also important:. Try to take at least 1 liter of water per day ONE WEEK BEFORE * Check shaving at least two days before going to the beach. Is that injured skin is most at risk of being spotted. * If the sun trick for 40 minutes a day did not work out and you do not want to get white too the beach, throw hand of sunless tanners, which are not harmful to the skin and give a corzinha . . There are products even with sun protection factor, which can be used in the sand to enhance the tan ! Acheii that matter in the Capriicho site, and found super to do with your question I have helped

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